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How To Create News Media Website With WordPress Very Easily


How to get started What is the first step?

How to create a Bangla News Website? To create a new Bangla News website, the first step is to choose a name. Whether the domain you have chosen is empty.

is not empty, choose another name. Assuming the name is empty. Now want to make the site, to register this domain. There are many domains hosting sale sites in our country where you can get 10 GB hosting. Com domain will be available for one thousand rupees.

Now it’s time to get the site ready. If you want to design your site in good quality, you have to choose a premium theme. You have to buy it. There are many sites where you can buy good themes for the Bangla News site.

How to create a complete newspaper website?

First, you have to select the domain of the name under which you want to create the newspaper

website, then through various domain checker websites, you will check this domain to see if this

domain is empty. There will be a charge of  10$.

If you want to make a website through WordPress CMS, you must buy a WordPress theme or there

are many free themes for newspapers.

The best theme for Bangla Newspaper to make a premium newspaper website initially is available

at Theme Bazar

From there you can buy and use themes starting from a minimum of Tk.1000 to a maximum

of Tk.10,000 and have the advantage of single license unlimited license Single license theme can

How Much Money Does a Newspaper Website Make?

In general, the revenue of a website from YouTube videos is several times higher

I have earned 111$ from Google Adsense in exchange for 23 thousand visitors to one of my tested

web sites which will require a minimum of 4 Core views to earn from YouTube were only 2300 views can

be a good income from a website and the biggest advantage is our country’s Bangla video.

Since CPC is always 1 cent which is very low but in the case of website it can

get 50 cents starting

from 1 cent CPC with different Bangla content

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