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What Kind Of Opening Tag Should Be Used In PHP With Some Tips



History and heritage of PHP

The full name of PHP is “Hypertext Preprocessor”. However, at birth, the name was “Personal Home Page” 6. A company called Xend makes PHP. Directly they didn’t make it .. don’t you understand?

In fact, the people who created PHP created the Xend company in the mountains and since then the Xend company has managed the PHP language.

Did you know that PHP is called a general programming language?

However, PHP is mostly used for Web Development work, but it was also intended to create it. About 60-65% of the world’s websites use PHP as a server-side scripting language.

Another issue is PHP but an open-source language.

PHP has a different kind of value in terms of web programming. We don’t say WordPress (WP)?

This popular CMS (Content Management System) system called WordPress is also made by PHP. In addition to WordPress, a CMS system called Joomla is also made by PHP.

What kind of opening tag should be used in Php?

There are usually four ways to write PHP code with HTML. XML style or long format is the most secure and useful. Because other methods that have gula have some problems. If you use the short form, you need to change the PHP ini or configuration file. The server on which you place your site may not have this option turned on. There are various compatibility issues with methods like JavaScript and VB Script. And if you write in XML style, it is as expected. Because this is the default option of 100% server. So those who are concerned about this issue will follow this XML style from now on. Again, this is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

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