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Hard work, not smart work with android app


Hard work, not smart work 1 If hard work had come to fruition, then rickshaw walla, day laborers would have been the billionaire of the country.

Most freelancers are more focused on hard work They are legally 1 Many people spend up to 5 years just hoping to get work If you get a job after 5 years, you still lose it What have you done in 5 years! You've done 5 dollars for most (in most cases) 5 That means 1 lakh 20 thousand 3 in a year More than that,

you get paid for working in a cybercafe Learn to pay for your hard work yourself Life is too short So always find the shortcut road Smart work is to make the right decisions, not from one's own mistakes, but from others' mistakes If you work on a website where the competition is low, you are most likely to succeed You need to find the intelligence to find such a website Do proper research 1 Never read a website Keep 3/5 options in hand This is a natural barrier to work Try to overcome obstacles in a short time If that is not possible then quitting that job will be smart work

A new question for those of us who are new to Fiverr is how to stay active in Fiverr.

All-time active with Fiverr android app

With apps, they can not be activated, because, after five minutes, the auto goes offline. When I first read this problem, many people were watching on YouTube, many say, one will reload the app after five minutes, some say the browser will reload after five minutes. Many auto-refreshes are used to use the Google Chrome Extension. , But there and the param. 5 Many said that it would be a problem with your account. Last message I made this message (I told you everything) They replayed and gave me a screenshot down.

NOTE: To stay awake for 24 hours, do not use Toulouse on your PC all day and night. (And if you target your client online without having to go online all day, all night long.) This can be a bad thing because if you can't replay at the right time, it doesn't mean to do a fake online show. It will lose the trust of the client, as the client will think that this online show is really fake, which is not good for fiber once, and if someone continues to report angrily that the cellars are online but they are not, then they may have problems. (I think so)
There are many experienced older brothers, sisters, grandparents, and they will stay well.
Forgive me for typing something wrong.

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