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Question 1.Why do we use fragrances? Social Media Content

Social Media Content

Question 1.Why do we use fragrances?
Question 2.In the world of zoom meetings, instagram stories endless snaps, does it really matter to
smell fancy?
Come rain or shine, hell yes!
We grew up either with the idea of impressing with perfumes or refreshing our body with eau de
toilette. In the past Europe, people were negligent about showering daily. Around the 14th century, the
idea of toilet water came up which was basically a fragrant oil mixed with alcohol that evaporates
slowly on skin. They rubbed it on skin instead of taking shower to wash away the smell caused by
sleeping. The fragrance stayed 6-8 hours just like the current one's.
Fun fact, During the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries a type of toilet water called “plague waters”
was also created that was said to drive away the bubonic plague. (Maybe the rats, but not likely the
In modern days, humans tend to go on without perfumes and artificial fragrance or some even 'ship
their own natural smell. Loving your body smell is okay. But don't you love to pass by someone
smelling exotic some days? Suppose you are just sitting on your bed binged into netflix or a nice book.
Imagine how much delicacy a fragrance could add up to that moment.
Perfumes, natural and artificial fragrance are not only made for dates, meeting, outings or special
events. They connect a powerful bridge between our emotion and sense. They are concentrated to
make you feel revived, confident, cheerful, energised and so on.
So, have you found the answer to the second question yet? Let me make it precise for you. It is
necessary for creating an ambient space where your mind will have less worries and more love for
yourself. Consequently, you'll stay productive and happy.
Self care is necessary. May you fall in love with yourself everyday. Wear the smell that you love.
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