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SEO What SEO can do to your website?


SEO What SEO can do to your website?

There are many search engines in the world, of which Google is the most popular search engine If you want to find something you must go to Google then you will type in your keyword and do a Google search, For example, if you search on Google for Bangla News then you will see the content of the Prothom-alo website has come up in front of the search results. It should be understood from this that the first light web site is on the top of Google’s search list because they have correctly submitted their website to Google’s search engine and it has been SEO.

In this way, setting up your website on search engine can be done in many ways, such as paid search engine optimization and organic search engine optimization. Now you need to spend a lot of money on search engine optimization and if you want to do it for free, you have to do all the work of your website on your own.

So let’s know first
SEO is one of two types of on-page SEO SEO is the number two-page SEO The first thing that OnPage SEO does is basically optimize your website by inflating your website, called on-page SEO. This does not mean that you will use the huge amount of keywords on any page of your website How to fix the problems you find by properly monitoring your website for SEO,

the browsing speed of your website is the template you used or if there is too much coding on your website or any script you have to drop them to increase your website browsing speed. In case your website Extra Co No plugins that don’t work for you, or have internal tasks like this. All the tasks you do inside your website are called on-page SEO.

In the meantime of your website
Meta descriptions Page Descriptions You will type and submit these types of descriptions to your web page. In the second step, you must submit your website to the webmaster tool to bring your website to the Google search list, from which Google indexes the contents of your website to the Google homepage. Originally called on-page SEO and

Now, let’s say the Asi page of SEO, there are many types of tasks, the most important of which is backlinks. Nofollow Link is now a Dofollow Link If you want Google to give you a search ranking by analyzing the judgments on Duflo Link, then if you do not want to link to Nofollow, then make a mistake. You and Nofollow Link should give equal importance to both. Now let’s say how to do a backlink, backlink means to say something about your site on your category web site or even better website, or if you are sharing a link by suggesting your website or if you are sharing a link on a dedicated website, If you have a backlink, it is called Dr. You can follow the link Sharing the link to your web site on social media will get you the Nofollow link Depending on the Nofollow link, you will never be brought to the ranking of your website and your site’s keywords will be used when your visitors search your customer’s search engine. The website will come off the front page of the SEO Backlinks, social bookmarks and more, as well as


the most important work there is something extra
If you are not an ACO expert, you will never be able to bring a website to the search rankings. This relates to my website contains content like this if you are correct about your website to Do you want to do SEO SEO you can become an SEO Specialist or you can hire me if you want.

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