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Where do I see myself in 5 years?

 I see myself in a warzone, bullets rushing by my ears and bombardments happening in a distant residence.
Neither I see myself fighting nor scrutinizing from a bunker. Through my quixotic vision, I save lives.
Conquering the idea th

at Marvel gave me, unlike Superman, I cherish to become my version of Superwoman
who can be admired and aspired to.

Jonathan Swift once quoted that "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." As a 23-year-old lady,
how am I supposed to picturize? I Graduated, busy applying for Masters. Thus our social system has mapped
out the gateway to " Well-to-do lady". I too grew up with the correlative idea, having said that, my idea is more
adventurous when it comes to specification.
When I dive into the rabbit hole, the idea of serving war-victims unveils. War has been an unavoidable part
since the Paleolithic era. If we can't stop the armed conflicts we can help the post-war consequences. Here,
great organizations like the United Nations, Red Cross, Oxfam, Intersos provide opportunities. 5 years later, I
see myself occupying a paid internship in a Humanitarian organization.
It is said that no fear disappears until it appears. In high school, I started farming; interests about warfare and
the agitations of being a victim myself arose parallelly. Debating on political agendas behind a war was
thrilling until my research shook me off. In order to speak on the podiums of Model United Nations, I spent
time brainstorming for solutions. Thus, I discovered my passion. Nonetheless, the passion remains untouched
by the non-adventurous motives. But, amelioration is possible if I start executing my education in a focused
At the age of 18, I was struck by the lines of Khaled Hosseini, an Afghan American novelist. I was fortunate to
be born in a progressive family-like Laila's. Life hasn't put me up to endure as Mariam who faced every single
abuse a woman could face. However, Thousand Splendid Suns taught me how wars made them step into the
same shoe. War victims need empathy and assistance equally.
So in five years, I see myself as a global citizen. More precisely the woman who travels the world to advocate
culture and peace. I always tell myself that- Don't be the woman who gives birth to a life, be the woman who
gives meaning to life.

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